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My Mission:

Appalachian Trail Through Hike/ Parkinson’s?

“Why would you do that?”…. “Because that is what they do!” This conversation between 2 of our lifelong friends is an example of the comments and opinions about my hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Our interest in hiking the AT came as a young married couple with two sons. As a biology teacher with summer vacations, we had the opportunity to backpack random sections of the AT which allowed for so many real and ever present teaching moments about ourselves within the context of the surrounding biosphere.

Yet trying to be a responsible husband and father, being gainfully employed did not afford us a 6 month solitary piece of time to be through hikers. However, now that I am retired from full time employment I am ready and able to experience the dream beginning March 23, 2015 and completing by late August.

Not wanting this experience to be exclusively about me, I have decide to dedicate this hike to provide support to those affected by Parkinson's and in honor of my brother Bob who is afflicted with this debilitating disease. Consequently, we have been able to establish a 501 (c) nonprofit account in a partnership with the Ohio Parkinson Foundation Northeast Region (OPFNE). It is my hope that as you read of this on my website,, you will consider helping me to raise $100 per mile for the 2,181 mile journey.

We will accept any donation: a penny per mile, a nickel per mile, a dime, quarter, or dollar per mile or even more. The Appalachian Trail travels through 14 different states: GA. (81), NC (300), TN (280), VA (500), WV (4), MD (40), PA (235), NJ (60), NY (98), CT (38), MA (86), VT (141), NH (146), ME (276). If you wanted to donate per mile for a given state that would be welcome as well.

It is my desire that you will become as excited about this mission as I am.

With thanks to my webmaster Ryan Kuhar and to E & H Hardware and Casey Everett for my opportunity to earn moneys to be equipped for this venture and the time away to do it.

To God be the Glory!

Goal 1

Complete the through hike of the Appalachian Trail beginning on March 23, 2015 at the southern terminus, Springer Mtn. in Georgia and to average 15 miles per day over the full course of the trail which measures 2,181 miles and ends on Mt. Katahdin in northern Maine sometime in later August (maybe early September) 2015. AND to generate non-taxable donations to benefit the Parkinson's Foundation Support amounting to $100 per mile by developing a daily journal about my travels, both physical and spiritual. Hopefully bringing greater understanding and awareness of this neurologically debilitating disease, parkinsons, to those who donate and follow our through hike. Also, create greater awareness and understanding of Appalachian Trail National Park.

Goal 2

My hope through these next days (150-160) on the Appalachian Trail with Enoch and our God is that it will prompt an increasingly intense level of communication with THE CREATOR of the universe. This faithful man, Enoch exemplifies the reality of godliness acquired by walking with God while in this alien place. My desire is not to be like the ungodly and profane, who walk contrary to HIM: but with the godly who walk with God, “for two cannot walk together except they be agreed” (Amos 3: 3).

An Enoch-with-God experience has to be the most wonderful, peaceful and extraordinary thing any follower of Jesus Christ can hope for or to know. To be transformed (not translated) into a devoted believer who loves selflessly, consistently and well. Being with God in order to please him by exhibiting my faith in Jesus Christ the Son of God and His grace through the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Please pray for me and His Kingdom to come.

Goal 3

As I hike the Appalachian Trail I will be using this site as a journal to track my journey. I will be posting to the blog daily, including pictures and videos from my journey.

If you would like to be updated on my journey please fill out this form to recive email notifications for when I post a new blog.

Additionally if you have Parkinson's Disease or are a caregiver for someone who has Parkinson's please indicate that below and I will keep you in my prayers during my journey.



Parkinsons patient or caretaker?

Who should I pray for:

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Daily Blog


9/3/2015 6:41:26 PM

As you may recall, Kathie and I had been able to attend The First Congregational Church in North Anson, ME on Sunday where Rev. David Walz delivered a message, "The Curse of the Impossible." I had spent the previous days traversing terrain that seemed to have been impossible and, as a result, I was questioning my ability, as well as my stamina, regarding what was ahead of me…namely, Saddleback Mtn., The Horn, Saddleback Jr. Mtn., Lone Mtn., Spaulding Mtn., Sugarloaf Mtn., South Crocker Mtn., and North Crocker Mtn. These eight mountains are between the Maine Rt. 4 trailhead and Maine Rt. 27, a distance of 28 hiking miles.

Please forgive me while I digress for a moment. The #1 goal and/or purpose for considering this adventure which would (actually did) include talking and walking with the Holy Spirit, and having a real life experience with HIM on a day-by-day, moment-by-moment fellowship. Like the father of the demonized boy (Mark 9: 14-32), I too, am a believer and desire help with my unbelief. HOW can a believer have UNBELIEF? To walk with God is to place God ALWAYS before SELF and to ACT as one who is always under God's loving eye. It is to live a life of communion with God in ordinances and providences. It is to make God's word our rule and His glory our purpose/end in all our actions. To walk with God as though one is in heaven with Him already. The Holy Spirit said, "Enoch lived". That is to say, Enoch walked with God, for it is the life of a good man to walk with God. This was the purpose of Enoch's life, his constant care and work. While others lived to themselves and the world, he lived to God. It was the joy and support of his life. Communion with God was, to him, better than life itself. "To me to live is Christ" (Phil. 1:21). Consequently, I stand amazed at what "we" were able to accomplish: to hike and talk with "Disenchanted" about trials, tribulations and betrayals as tests of faith, to explain the miracle of Jesus to the ears and hearts of unbelieving strangers, to tell the "Painted Lady" about Enoch and why I chose "Enoch" as a trail name, and to freely, without fear, proclaim the love and mercy of
The Living God, who created the mountains and valleys that we walk ON and IN each and every day.

It was a Monday morning at 7:30 AM when Kathie had me with my 32 lb. backpack at the Maine Rt. 4 trailhead at Rangeley, ME which is at 1622' altitude. Saddleback peak (4120’) was 6.3 miles away with several promised, beautiful mountain lakes an...Read full post
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