July 17-23, 2016: Shotgun Start Appalachian Trail Hike

Before you register, please make your $50 dollar donation.

How to register:

  1. Make your $50 donation using the button above. Save a copy of the receipt
  2. Choose a Hike Section.
  3. Download the registration form.
  4. Fill out the form and email it to papadh@windstream.net along with the receipt of your donation.
  5. Wait for Don to reach out

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Last year I set a goal of $100.00 per mile hiked. We raised $15,000.00 dollars which was very much appreciated. We opened the minds of many people and I had a great experience. AS I was walking between 8hrs and 12 hrs per day I had lots of time to pray and think about a more efficient way to contact more people in less time.

Hike Sections:The plan is to have 150 designated starting points along the Appalachian Trail occupied by a combination of 150 individuals or groups who will begin to hike 15 miles of the AT within these allocated 6 days. Thereby having successfully completed a team thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail from Springer Mountain in Georgia all the way to Mt. Katahdyn in Maine.

LOCAL PDF(Parkinson's Disease Foundation) FUNDING: In the event you as an individual or group would like to participate in this PDF/AT thru-hike we will need to know the name of the local PDF group and all of the contact information. We will then be able to forward those funds earned by your group or individual. There is no limit on the number of 15 mile sections per Local PDF. Please have sponsors visit our website with donations marked to your (thru-hiker) name so we can credit your local PDF in your honor as well as the donor.

REGISTRATION: You will have to select the 15 mile section or sections you desire to hike. The $50.00 registration fee is only good for one(1) section However, you can have whatever size group with a single restration.

If you would like to join the AT Thru-Hike but cannot climb mountains and /or sleep on the ground in a tent. You could join us by being a member of our VIRTUAL AT Thru-Hike by making a smaller donation.

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